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TFS know all about documents and how they are handled from the time they come in from the mail, vendor or a client, through their intended purpose until their purpose is simply record keeping. Our Document scanning services can help your business convert files of paper documents, engineering drawings, and maps into digital documents that are stored securely.

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Reasons to Outsource Scanning

There are many factors in determining whether or not to outsource your scanning project. Most often, these projects cost much less when outsourced. In addition to lower costs, this will also result in better quality, and earlier completion. Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing your project to Scanning
Cost As we are a full service provider, we have and continue to evaluate and invest in the best conversion equipment available in the market today. Our knowledge of the technology and expertise of our staff enables us to provide you with the most competitive pricing and turnaround times.
Time We have a large staff dedicated to scanning and indexing and have the ability to operate 24/7. We can accurately estimate completion times to meet customer goals.
Quality Our equipment, experience and professional methods produce the best quality results.
Focus Many in-house projects can be a distraction and time drain on staff and management. By outsourcing to Scanning TFS, the customer ensures that their core business does not get sidetracked and the project is completed on time and in budget.

  • Prevents lost records
  • Saves storage space
  • Manages records easily
  • Finds documents quickly
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Our Approach

Focus on Customers Goals and Objectives. - Be Receptive and Responsive to the Changing Needs. - Complete the Task on Time with the Expected Quality.













Our Skills

Document Digitization
Document Consversion
Sales and Rental
Document Management System

Our History

TFS Technologies is an innovative organization, providing service and solutions for optimizing your business and we love what we do. It's who we are. Our goal is to create work that is honest...


Our organization consists of professionals having diversified skillsets adding value at each stage of project. We've dedicated professionals for following activities...


TFS has amassed a wealth of knowledge and capabilities riding on its teams' relevant expertise to provide some of the most comprehensive backend data management solutions available in the world today.

Some of the reasons that help you to decide TFS a partner for your backend outsourcing needs include Agile business,Global outlook,Internal strength,Scope of offerings.

- Focus on Customers Goals and Objectives.
- Be Receptive and Responsive to the Changing Needs.
- Complete the Task on Time with the Expected Quality.


The Future Scan Path to Paperless.

Document Scanning : Our most basic service. Scan, store, & manage your documents securely online. Turn rooms of files into searchable digital images!
The Document Cloud : Online Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation. Your online file cabinet.
The Digital Mailroom : We intercept your documents at the source and transform them into secure digital streams.